Got questions? We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked questions here. If your question isn’t listed below, feel free to call us at 858-354-8940 or email us and we’ll get right back to you.

Q: Exactly what do you do?
Q: Where do you rent?
Q: Where do you sell and who do you sell to?
Q: Can you do custom metal work?


Q: Do you have a store? Where are you located?
Q: How do I set an appointment?
Q: If I already know what I want to rent, what do I do next?
Q: Why don't you have a shopping cart so I can order online?
Q: Do you deliver?
Q: If I'm renting a cake stand or something small, can I pick it up?
Q: Do you have a minimum rental requirement?
Q: How long can I keep the rented item?
Q: Do you make the cake or cupcakes?
Q: Do you provide the flowers?
Q: How far in advance should I make my rental reservation?
Q: How do I pay for the rental?
Q: Do you take a security deposit?


Q: How do I place an order?
Q: Do you have the products in stock?
Q: How long does it take to make and ship to me?
Q: How do I get a price for shipping?
Q: Why don't you have a shopping cart so I can order online?
Q: Can I have a custom color?
Q: Can you customize a design to fit my specific needs?
Q: What type of finish goes on the designs?